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As a general rule, a strong, healthy tooth won’t be subject to damage, but there are always exceptions. Just as when you drop a drinking glass, sometimes it won’t shatter, while other times simply tipping it over on the counter will result in breakage, there are factors that go into chips and fractures of teeth that are not always easy to determine. At Star Dentistry of West Orange, we can assure you that a significant number of such traumatic injuries can be repaired by restoring the tooth with a dental crown. The more quickly you seek the help of our 07052 dentist, the better the chances are of saving the tooth.

The simple fact is that the breach of your tooth’s protective barriers puts you at risk. The inside of your tooth is typically shielded by the enamel and dentin layers. That’s where the nerve is as well as the pulp, which contains the tooth’s blood supply. In the most optimistic circumstance, you’ll be able to avoid the tooth becoming infected. But the longer you go without seeing our 07052 dentist, the more chance there is for bacteria to make its way inside and cause consequences that will later mean root canal therapy at best, and the loss of the tooth to extraction at worst. When a dental crown is fashioned, it requires that impressions be taken of the tooth first. A temporary crown is placed to protect the tooth while the dental lab makes the permanent one to precise standards for an optimal and comfortable fit. Restored in this way, your tooth should remain strong and functional for a long time to come.

When you have chipped or fractured your tooth, or you have tooth pain or sensitivity for which you cannot identify the cause, call us immediately so we can have you scheduled for a prompt visit with our 07052 dentist.

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